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Serving Redwood City and Surrounding Areas since 2021


About Janie Villegas:


Raised in beautiful Leon Guanajuato, Mexico, I came to California in 2001. I have two grown boys, 19 and 20 years old. We had a thriving family business selling ice cream, but the crash of 2008 left us unable to continue.  We sold it, and started all over again. I worked for 6 years in a supermarket, until it closed in 2012. I again found myself looking for work.  I found housecleaning jobs for the morning, and took a job working nights as a line cook in a famous restaurant. This, while managing life as a single mom was quite challenging.  Then, my life changed. I met a wonderful lady who worked as an independent contractor cleaning houses.  She was the first-ever to pay me a living wage, and treat me kindly and respectfully.  For the first time in America, I felt confident working only one job.  I was able to devote the rest of the day to my children. 


Then, one day she announced it was time for her to retire.  I was heartbroken; she'd been such a great mentor and colleague. However, her influence was not lost on me: I was sold on housekeeping as a career and began researching to find another job like it. I worked hard to promote my service; I handed out business cards in the street.  I discovered a referral agency near me and got in touch with the owner.  I was in luck!  She offered me a job and made me a member of her agency.  I built my clientele list fast, as word spread about my diligence and hard work.  Soon, my schedule was full.  I worked for her until I finally decided to start my own business: Aroma Housekeeping in Santa Rosa. 


Being a housecleaner truly makes me happy.  I enjoy my work, and I enjoy the families I work with.  I am currently enrolled in business school, and truly passionate about growing Bonny Maids.  It gives me real joy to provide a stable and reliable job for the housecleaners who sign up with Bonny Maids.  I want to take the gift my mentor gave me, pay it forward, and help other women change their lives.  We have designed Bonny Maids so our partners can manage their own schedule, on their own time, and take care of their families.  It is a privilege to help other people design a flexible work schedule, and begin to discover real opportunity. 


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